We do not now and never have had regular funding. Here are funding proposals for some projects we are trying to organize. These are listed in order of priority. Sanjeevani Booti workers have organized most of these things in the past, but have never had funding to do them regularly.

  1. Send a local representative to a conference or event in another city, such as health conferences or gay pride events
  2. Participate in the activities of many other local NGOs, even if they do not directly relate to HIV or sexuality issues
  3. Sustain a small monthly meeting for 15-20 people to talk
  4. Teach sexual health and contraception at girls’ schools
  5. Set up regular research projects about gender, sexuality, and HIV issues in Varanasi
  6. Organize a drop-in center for youth of all types, but especially to make a safe place for LGBT youth
  7. Publish and distribute HIV educational materials
  8. Keep an office open full-time with three salaried workers
  9. Supervise an education program for young people living with HIV
  10. Organize a yearly national conference in the city for approximately 100 people
  11. Start a yearly Varanasi Gay Pride event