Sanjeevani Booti is based in Varanasi. We have participated in activities with all of these other groups.

In Varanasi

There are other organizations in Varanasi who do HIV work.

  • Sir Sunderlal Hospital and the Institute for Medical Science at Banaras Hindu University are places for free HIV testing and counseling. They also do medical research on HIV patients. It is the place where many people go when they want expert medical advice about their condition.
  • Sampurnanand Sanskrit University has professors who are interested in social research and sexuality. Perhaps because it is a smaller school than BHU the professors can be more liberal in their ideas and proposals. This school was founded in 1791 and is one of the most respected in the region.
  • The Catholic Church in Varanasi is a leading provider in social and health information. In particular Father Anand there manages huge education projects and is one of the best organizers in the city. He is the director for a church-affiliated media company, Vishwa Jyoti Communications, which employs a troupe of street performers who do shows to teach people, and their show explaining HIV and AIDS is entertaining for anyone and perfect for people who know nothing about the infection or disease.
  • Guria is an organization which supports local prostitutes in Varanasi. It has a focus on forced prostitution and sex trafficking.
  • Banaras Network of Positive People (BN+P) is an NGO which helps people who are positive manage their medications. They facilitate meetings with doctors and they have medical assistants on staff in addition to social workers and counselors. They have two offices near Banaras Hindu University. Prem Prakash is a great contact here.
  • Targeted Intervention works to provide education and outreach to high-risk populations including gay males, prostitutes, and hijras. Their office is near the railway station. Surendra P. Singh is the manager.
  • Lok Samiti is an organization in Mehdiganj, a village near Varanasi. They do many projects but one thing in particular related to sexuality is that they organize a yearly mass wedding of around 50 couples. Sanjeevani Booti always participates in some way with this event. Nandlal Master is the chief organizer.

Outside Varanasi

  • Dum Dum Swikriti Society is an an NGO in Kolkata which promotes acceptance of LGBT people. They do facilitation for people who need counseling of any kind, HIV testing, or HIV treatment.
  • Durbar is an NGO in Sonagachi, the prostitution district in Kolkata. This is an amazing cooperative organization which protects, advocates for, and raises the social status of sex workers and their families in this district.
  • Humsafar Trust is an NGO in Mumbai which promotes gay rights. They are the first and largest LGBT organization in India. They are well-organized to provide all sorts of assistance and do research.
  • NAZ Foundation in Delhi is the NGO best known for leading the movement to repeal the part of Section 377 of the Indian Constitution which criminalized homosexuality.
  • Blue Diamond Society is an LGBT rights and HIV education organization in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sunil Babu Pant is a member of their board and is an officer in Nepal’s central government.