Sanjeevani Booti organizes local events, participates in events organized by other local groups, and sends representatives to other cities to attend our partners’ events.


In March 2009 Sanjeevani Booti participated in Durbar’s sex worker conference as facilitators for a documentary including that event.

Sanjeevani Booti organized the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise‘s 2011 conference on HIV vaccination. In 2011 IAVI began doing HIV research in India and we wanted to raise local awareness that India is participating in modern medical clinical research.

Gay Pride

As far as we know, there is no organization which has participated in as many gay pride events in our region as we have.

We want to organize a Varanasi Pride event someday. Before this happens we need about a year to prepare with other local organizations. Varanasi is wilder than some of the larger cities and we cannot rush into anything.