Sanjeevani Booti has organized photography and videography projects for various organizations, individuals, and research groups.

    Nandan standing in a garden with Richard Dawkins

  • Episode: “Meaning of Life” -Channel 4 (England) and BBC world were in Varanasi with scientist Richard Dawkins making an episode for a documentary. For this episode they needed to meet, interview, and film hijras (transgender persons). I recruited the hijras, translated the interviews, and arranged the dance show. This was in September 2011; I do not know when the documentary will be released internationally on dvd.

  • Comparing Countries Compassion
    Sex worker activist Jessie Abraham came to India in February 2009 to attend a sex worker conference in the prostitution district of Kolkata. Sanjeevani Booti helped her create a documentary of the event and catalog sex worker activity in general. Nandan Upadhyay is interviewed in this about issues of sex advocacy in India. The famous hijra activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is featured in this.