Group Wedding

Every summer Sanjeevani Booti assists another organization called Lok Samiti to prepare a group wedding in the nearby village of Medhiganj.

The situation is that the people in Mehdiganj are poor but like all communities they want their young people to get a good start in adult life at their weddings. Since most people cannot afford a good wedding for their children, they pool their resources and host a group wedding every summer. Since 2008 Sanjeevani Booti has participated in this program.

The dowry system is still common in this region and it is the opinion of Sanjeevani Booti and Lok Samiti that this practice causes trouble for women and in most cases it is better to discourage dowry. Often the groom’s family will ask for a high price to marry the bride at there is tension for the girl’s family to pay it. To enjoy the benefits of this group wedding the couple must agree in public to not exchange a dowry, and they sign a document stating this. Lok Samiti raises funds to provide the couples with gifts instead, giving such things as clothes, a sewing machine, and a bicycle.

Here is a video from the 2011 event.