Sanjeevani Booti does research so that we can do our work more efficiently.

  • May 2008 Hijra Interview – There is a lot of confusion about what it means to be a hijra. This report does not give a definitive answer, but the interview is representative of the views of some hijras in Varanasi.
  • May 2008 Village Health Survey – People in rural areas have different health problems and concerns than people in urban areas. Sanjeevani Booti works in the city and in one particular nearby village – Mehdiganj. We conducted this survey to better understand life there. The culture just one hour’s drive outside the city contrasts sharply with city life.
  • April 2010 status of Widows in Vrindavan – Vrindavan is a city in Uttar Pradesh known for being a place where widows live. William Dalrymple wrote a chapter called “Vrindavan 1997″ in The Age of Kali which describes the place and situation. In short, most women there live in a terrible condition and the problem is related to gender and sexuality. Sanjeevani Booti facilitated widow research there with a graduate student from Ca’Foscari University of Venice.
  • May 2011 Directory of NGOs in Varanasi – We took a Hindi-language directory of NGOs created for the local organization of all local NGOs by Father Mathew Anand of the Diocese of Varanasi, and we translated it into English. It needs more work but it is still the best English-language directory in existence. This project was funded by the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise.